Karol Avalon is a creative consultant, business strategist, and producer who breathes new life into a diverse range of products, services, and events. An expert at concept development and planning, Karol builds a bridge between creative instincts and sound business practices to support individuals, non-profits, and the corporate world on the journey to success. A social entrepreneur who is as passionate about business health as she is about personal wellbeing, Karol’s enthusiasm for community and social good brings a unique perspective to the success of her projects.

Michael Beckwith on the Ocean of Gratitude cruise

Michael Beckwith on the Ocean of Gratitude cruise

In her capacity as producer, Karol conceived and implemented the Ocean of Gratitude cruises, which feature a range of visionaries from spiritual leader, Michael Bernard Beckwith, to The Hidden Messages in Water researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Christiane Schull to The Gratitude Groove authors Jill Daniel and Mary Kay Cocharo.

Skilled at marketing, communication, and project management. Karol was the business management consultation to quantum field visionary, Dr. Sue Morter and is currently managing business development for raw food expert and founder of the ecotarian movement, Toni Toney.

Her talents and capabilities bring new concepts to life, complement and support business growth and development, and contribute to a positive, healthier world.